Total Damage: 1,879,290,535
Total Hits: 14670
Total Players: 23

Japan victories against Republic of China (Taiwan): 41/69

Region: Taipeh
Battle ID: 17521

Battle start time: 2020-06-30 01:50:23
Battle Type: War

Battles in this region: 35
Past winnners: Republic of China (Taiwan) (12) Japan (11) Mexico (5)

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Total Damage: 169,201,750
Total Hits: 1150
Total Players: 1

Republic of China (Taiwan) victories against Japan: 28/69
1Galactic Army of Ukraine2,145480,220,665
3Japan SD Forces4,825332,714,544
4Moon Sugar Crusaders1,632300,623,426
5USA Outlaws1,600114,414,900
6Unión Federal Argentina683103,479,110
7Swedish Armed Forces73058,087,980
9Bulgarian Lions3010,249,560
10BG Army1007,365,500
1Legión Imperial Azteca1,150169,201,750