Total Damage: 7,471,641,308
Total Hits: 49586
Total Players: 17

Ukraine victories against Serbia: 16/47

Region: Bessarabia
Battle ID: 21856

Battle start time: 2020-11-21 20:11:05
Battle Type: Resistance War

Battles in this region: 89
Past winnners: Bulgaria (44) Ukraine (25) Serbia (13)


Total Damage: 12,199,499,348
Total Hits: 91683
Total Players: 57

Serbia victories against Ukraine: 31/47
1NJËSITI GUERRIL9,4051,917,768,025
3Clan Of Xymox6,000569,438,000
4Remaining Br3,400546,577,600
5A LA RAMBO3,050475,337,450
6Ejército de Bolivia3,085430,648,580
7Bulgarian Lions3,291409,854,383
8BG Army3,015369,596,100
9Galactic Army of Ukraine2,000312,676,250
10Japan SD Forces2,590294,656,530
11Moon Sugar Crusaders3,060271,853,460
12Unión Federal Argentina1,650215,818,900
1Serbian Special Forces51,1336,647,258,367
2Serbian Legion35,5405,092,686,151
3Serbian Legion Academy2,100259,414,725
4Serbian Special Force 2nd2,810193,989,655
5Heroes del Perú1006,150,450