Total Damage: 197,621,286
Total Hits: 1451
Total Players: 3

Austria victories against Germany: 18/77

Region: Tyrol and Salzburg
Battle ID: 29086

Battle start time: 2021-06-09 10:31:32
Battle Type: Resistance War

Battles in this region: 84
Past winnners: Croatia (34) Austria (23) Germany (12)


Total Damage: 927,028,334
Total Hits: 3486
Total Players: 3

Germany victories against Austria: 59/77
1Heroes del PerĂº700147,553,700
2Makedonska falanga15044,035,950
1Serbian Special Forces2,320719,371,216
2The Ghost Army300106,339,636
3Croatian Sons of Anarchy866101,317,482