Total Damage: 10,965,730,774
Total Hits: 7144
Total Players: 5

Chile victories against United States of America: 14/44

Region: North Chile Archipelago
Battle ID: 32957

Battle start time: 2021-10-10 22:09:12
Battle Type: Resistance War

Battles in this region: 82
Past winnners: Peru (48) Chile (24) United States of America (9)

United States of America

Total Damage: 52,425,240,940
Total Hits: 34780
Total Players: 11

United States of America victories against Chile: 30/44
1__ n7 __1038,028,474,247
2Serbian Legion2,9001,017,301,500
3Macedonian Special Forces560908,441,710
4Serbian Legion Academy2,301621,326,907
5Czech Armed Forces1,280390,186,410
1Banshe Troppers23,43048,740,820,030
2Heroes del Perú3,3001,903,383,500
4Brazilian Unit1,300273,627,600
7La Legión Peruana48068,417,940
8Supreme Squad25048,464,500