United Kingdom

Total Damage: 2,094,426,650
Total Hits: 2775
Total Players: 2

United Kingdom victories against United States of America: 34/98

Region: South West of England
Battle ID: 34452

Battle start time: 2021-11-25 12:08:05
Battle Type: Resistance War

Battles in this region: 77
Past winnners: United Kingdom (30) Ireland (25) Brazil (7)

United States of America

Total Damage: 1,345,562,208
Total Hits: 3840
Total Players: 2

United States of America victories against United Kingdom: 64/98
1Serbian Special Forces1,6001,652,060,800
2Heroes del Perú1,175442,365,850
1Banshe Troppers3,7001,092,493,995
2La Legión Peruana140253,068,213