Republic of China (Taiwan)

Total Damage: 4,884,955,577
Total Hits: 6017
Total Players: 3

Republic of China (Taiwan) victories against Japan: 88/248

Region: Taipeh
Battle ID: 35968

Battle start time: 2022-01-14 00:45:28
Battle Type: Resistance War

Battles in this region: 63
Past winnners: Japan (31) Republic of China (Taiwan) (19) Mexico (6)


Total Damage: 5,540,441,735
Total Hits: 7030
Total Players: 2

Japan victories against Republic of China (Taiwan): 160/248
1Serbian Legion1,2172,245,947,177
2The Ghost Army2,4001,598,982,800
3Heroes del Perú2,4001,040,025,600
1Japan SD Forces3,6504,830,588,848