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Discord Bot Launching

erev2bot is the name of our new baby! It is a Discord bot with 10 commands. The main purpose of building a Discord bot was helping military unit managers on their task of knowing better soldiers and organizing military unit organized hits.

This bot is now live for a month in 5 different military unit Discord servers. If you are a military unit manager and interested in knowing more about this bot, please send me ingame PM here.

Discord Bot News

erev2bot Jan 26th release

Added damage using different types of weapons on Citizen command
Fixed number formatting on Citizen command
Fixed number formatting on Compare command
Raised column size on Compare command
Fixed Bonus command to consider route to capital regions

erev2bot Feb 10th release

• Launched 3 new commands to manage organized hits (ohopen, ohclose, ohsummary) – if you would like to use it in your server, please let me know so that we can setup it properly
• Introduced company market to market command – so now you can have company market data just adding “company”+type in the command (e.g. !market companyweapon q5)
• Improved formatting on Compare command
• Overall bot stability improvement